by David R. Elliott



released August 29, 2019

Recorded and performed by David R. Elliott
copyright 2019 Working Class Records
Sexplosive Studios
all songs written by David R. Elliott


all rights reserved



David R. Elliott Saint John, New Brunswick

David R. Elliott is a prolific Canadian songwriter, with a unique perspective anchored in a childhood split evenly between rural and urban poverty. His respect for the craft of song is inclusive of all genres and his exploration of lower working class struggles is a specifically East Coast answer to Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman and Jim Croce. ... more

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Track Name: Beautiful Tonight
Yes our love is here to stay.
Yes, our love is here to stay.
Following me down,
twirl me around.

I feel beautiful tonight,
I'm fond of you.
And I'm awful glad you do.

Do me right.
Track Name: Jerusalem
I'm in love with you I'd say.
Since you stole my heart away and dug another grave.

I'm lonesome for the days
when I grooved into each day,
like a pendant on a chain, swayed in pendulum disdain.

You're insane,
I have won you, you've been gained.
I will coddle all the pain, like a pendant on a chain.

Jerusalem down to highway 102
where I learned what I would do,
now that I've arrived.

It's the waves,
that bash against your brains
leaving you encased,
like a pendant on a chain.
Track Name: Courtesy
I wanna sell you a drug that you'd like to take.
I wanna slide on my back on a frozen lake.
I wanna take a shot, courtesy of you
and where you're going to.

I wanna smoke 'til my eyes turn blue and grey,
soak in sun 'til my skin starts to peel away.
To decay like the paint on a pallet step,
buy a bag burn it back 'til there's nothin' left,
courtesy of you,
and where you're going to.

I have been told they are trying to save me.
I kinda think that's a little bit cocky.
I kinda wait for the rain and the fog
but it's a little too late to be so concerned.

I wanna take you some place that you've never been,
take a picture and post it and tag your friends,
blur the portrait from smoke blown into the lens;
make you mad, make you sad, make you make amends.
Courtesy of you,
and where you're going to.

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