Devotion in my Blood

by David R. Elliott

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released April 26, 2010



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David R. Elliott Halifax, Nova Scotia

David R. Elliott is a prolific new face in Canadian songwriting, with a unique perspective anchored in a childhood split evenly between rural and urban poverty. His respect for the craft of song is inclusive of all genres and his exploration of lower working class struggles is a specifically East Coast answer to Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman and Ryan Adams. ... more

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Track Name: Devotion in my Blood
dont be so irate, okay, ill wait
ill write to you and pray you'll say ill stay
im older now and grey all day each day
is sunday in its way

dont be so annoyed, you toyed with me
we quickly walked the grass and climbed the tree
and slipped down to the rocks beside the sea
and i wanna light you up

open eyes open eyes
tow the line tow the line
dont come after me
open mind open mind
but why write poems that you cant sing?

my love is a wreck
throw caution to the wind
what else do you expect
im walkin in the rain
my shoes are soaking wet
i cant apologize for this

devotion in my blood
Track Name: Silver Lining
if she calls, then she calls
if she doesnt thatds okay
she's away, not awake, either way she;ll check the tape
you're okay, faces fade, you can drink em all away

in tyhe light you might find theres a slightly better way
dont be cold, dont be dumb you can make it out okay
take some drugs, kill some time, you might consider change

but you didnt wanna wait for the fast train
so i guess you just waited til the cops came

close the shades for the bright of day, you
opened your eyes when the nighttime came
you're too busy feelin sorry for yourself to
ever really care for someone else